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From : Debbie Low
Sent : Sunday, November 27 2011 11:53 PM
Subject : Compliments for Mr Desmond Soh

My group had travelled to Hokkaido from 6 to 13 Nov 2011 package autumn Hokkaido. We were extremely pleased with our local guide Desmond . He has displayed a high standard of good service representing Nam Ho Travel. Though there  are many elderly in our group Desmond has been patient and helpful. He also share with the group the various tour  packages Nam Ho Travel offers. He has a sound knowledge of the travel industry. We are glad that
throughout the trip everything goes on smoothly and he has managed the group members very well.


We would like to send our appreciation to Desmond for the wonderful and pleasant trip. We had really enjoyed ourselves. I will recommend Nam Ho travel services to my friends and relatives.


Debbie low

From : Rosemary Toh
Sent : Wednesday, November 23 2011 03:31 PM
Subject : Feedback on Hokkaido Trip 14/11/2011-21/11/2011 Leader/Guide: David

Dear Catherine

Thanks for recommending to me and my sons the above trip @ NATAS Fair.  We really had a good time there.   David is very professional.  He gives us good advice on what to expect, and to buy gifts and food @ bargain prices especially when we were at the 2 factory outlets.

The weather forecast were quite accurate also, this proves that he really bothers to check the news forecast the nite before for us, as we don't really understand Japanese TV Programmes and  worst - Japanese news.

Well done Nam Ho!.  FYI, it was our second holiday trip with Nam Ho.  The 1st was eight years ago when I also travellled with my family to Seoul.


From : Chang Wee Teck
Sent : Tuesday, November 22 2011 10:54 AM
Subject : Letter of appreciation

Dear Sir/Ms,


My apology if I've sent this email to the wrong address.
I've made a terrible forgetful mistake of not noting the contact of my tour guide, David Tam to thank him. Hence I'm sending this to you as a third party to read and forward it to him if you wish to.


My wife have purchase our first tour group package to Hokkaido from your company. As a frequent business traveller myself, I've always been objecting to be part of the "duck chasing" group all the time.

I'm nearly going to the extend of giving up the trip and went home, then the nice reasonable advice and a few out of pocket(I guess) Japanese Sake keep me going. Being unpunctual have been a practice of we sillyporean. I guess that I've been away from my country too long to find it unacceptable. But then your company have the right employee to entertain us during the extra waiting time, hence my appreciation for him.



Chang Wee Teck.

On this trip to Hokkaido booked by my wife Tan Keng Hiong from 14 Nov
2011 to 21 Nov 2011.

From : Dominic Goh
Sent : Friday, November 11 2011 06:10 PM
Subject : Email of Commendation

Dear management of Nam Ho Travels


I am writing this email to commend the good services provided by your Travel Agency over the past 2 - 3 weeks.

I would like to specially commend your Tour Executive, Ms Chantel Lim for her dedicated good services in providing value-added services as a staff of Nam Ho.


I have booked a 5D-4N trip to Bangkok-Huahin at the Sep Travel Carnival.  Over the past 2-3 weeks, I was rather apprehensive over the current flood situation in Bangkok and was worried that I will not be able to go for my well-deserved year-end vacation.  As such, I approached Miss Lim to enquire about the possible options to take if I were to decide to change my destination.


Miss Lim was very patient in explaining to me the possible steps to take.  Given that it was almost end of the year where most tours were fully booked, she tried her very best to source for all avaliable tours (HK, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Korea) which I requested her to look into.  I created a template comprising of the the information I wanted for each tours and emailed her to key in the information using it, and she did an excellent job in providing with the information I wanted.  She had to email me several times, comprising of different packages as the previous proposed packages were either not suitable for me or my parents.  It was indeed praiseworthy of her to be so patient with such customer like me with such high expectations, as well as responding to my emails and requests almost immediately in most occasions.


The great service provided by her has made my experience with Nam Ho a wonderful and pleasant one.  I must stress that it is such value-added services that such staff provides that makes that the organization an excellent one.

Among all the travel agencies which I have encountered with, I must feedback that Nam Ho has been the best so far.  Keep it up for providing such great customer service.


Once again, I would like to thank Chantel.  She is definitely as asset to your organization.


Thanks and regards

Mr Dominic Goh

From : Ho Han Hui
Sent : Tuesday, November 01 2011 10:51 AM
Subject : Appreciate note to Mr Cosmo Lim

Thank you very much to Cosmo for his excellent service on three separate tours such as booking in terms, checking in out the airport, going to the extra mile to secure an airline seat etc. He is efficient, courteous and prompt in executing his job. Nam Ho is a trusted brand.

From : Angela Tang
Sent : Friday, October 28 2011 09:17 AM
Subject : Your Feedback (Sending in using Feedback Form)

Dear Nam Ho Team,


My mum and I join the 8 Days 7 Nights Taiwan Unbeatable Fun (18 Oct - 25 Oct) and both of us enjoy our tour. We are really very impress with the foods and hotel that Nam Ho arrange.


The Singapore tour guide - Desmond Soh and Taiwan guide - Xiao Chen and really very friendly and always try to make us feel comfortable. I will recommend Nam Ho to my friends and relative whenever they want to join tour. My next tour will definitely book from Nam Ho again.

From : Yin Jek Foo
Sent : Saturday, October 15 2011 05:27 PM
Subject : Appreciation for good service

Dear Cosmo,


I am writing this letter in order to express my gratitude for the high quality service provided us with at your shop today afternoon.


I was visiting your shop today between 1 and 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  I was attended by Ms. Yan Ping and I want you to be proud of such an employee. Her customer service was amazing.

I was shock when she informed me that I cannot use a POSB master debit card to pay my balance holiday trip amount by installment. I have no account with other banks and I do not have sufficient fund to pay the full amount as well. Luckily, she was very helpful and willing to try to settle the problem for me.

I just received a call from Ms. Yan Ping and she informed me that Nam Ho will install the POSB merchant and I would be able to make the payment once the merchant is ready for use.
I appreciate this attitude and believe that you trained your staff very professionally.

Thank you and your professional staff one more time for the prompt and excellent service. All the best.


Foo Yin Jek

From : Wee Jitsun
Sent : Thursday, October 06 2011 08:25 PM
Subject : Thank you

To whom it may concern

I booked a free and easy trip to Taiwan from 23/9 to 27/9 for two from your company. The service I get from your staff is excellent. I like to thank the following persons who helped me in the booking and other service. They are Ms Catherine Shih, Kelly and Hellie Chua. I also like to express my thanks to your agent in Taipet, namely Polo Holidays. The transfers from Airport to Hotel and Vice Versa are prompt and courteous. Please thank them on my behalf. I tried to email them but rejected. You have picked the right agent.

I will certainly recommend your service to my friends in future should they required such service.

All the Best
Wee Jit Sun

From : Margaret Chua
Sent : Monday, July 25 2011 11:38 AM
Subject : Compliment

Dear Manager,


I write in to let you know that I really enjoy my holiday in Hokkaido on 20 July 2011 by Nam Ho Travel with good food and tour leader and guide. I specially want to thank you tour leader Hallie for her help during my holiday there.

I have a problem handphone and can't get it works however Hallie is there to assist me in getting across to my family in Singapore.


Throughout she also see to it that everyone of us is well with our food and lodging.


A very big Thanks to Hallie.

All the best to Nam Ho Travel


From : Jessie Sia
Sent : Sunday, July 24 2011 12:37 PM
Subject : Compliment

To: Nam Ho Travel Agent Pte Ltd,


I am Jessie, one of the members who had joined the 7 Days Hokkaido Trip from 16 July - 22 July.

I would like to show my gratitude for my tour guide named LiLi Utsugi. She is a kind and friendly tour guide with full of experience.


I would also like to thank our Tour Lead named Siew Hui had allowed me to have a wonderful trip.


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