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From : Wendy Ngew
Sent : Friday, December 27 2013 09:30 PM
Subject : 7D6N Hokkaido Winter Fun. Really enjoyed this trip.

Joined a package tour 7D6N Hokkaido Winter Fun on 08 Dec 2013. My family of 4 have really enjoyed this trip a lot. Thumbs up for my tour leader Edwin & tour leader Tony. Without the presence of both of them, we won't have so much fun and have a relaxing trip. Edwin always volunteer to help our tour members to take pictures even though the weather was so cold. He even offer my mother his mattress as my mother had a hip replacement surgery and she can't sleep on tatami. I really appreciate his kind help. He also waited for everyone to collect all the luggages before he leaves. A very responsible tour leader. As for our tour guide Tony, he is very knowledgeable and he can speak fluent Japanese language. He went all the way to bring me buy Fancl stuffs even though I was the only one who wanted to buy. With him around, no time waste and we had an enjoyable holiday. Hope to join another trip to Japan and will get to see them again. Good job. Thank you once again.

From : Kelvin Seah
Sent : Thursday, December 26 2013 11:20 AM
Subject : My family were very pleased with the remarkable experience provided by your agency


My family were very pleased with the remarkable experience provided by your agency during our recent trip to Hokkaido Winter Fun from 17 Dec'13 to 23 Dec'13

I decided to write in to you and thank you for such great services.
It was really a satisfactory experience with your travel agency. You really care for your customers and make sure they are happy.

I would like to specially commend your tour leader Christopher Lim and tour guide Yony for their excellent services delivered to us.
Great Job!!

Thanks again , and I will keep using your services.


Kelvin Seah

From : Ms Bai Suyi
Sent : Wednesday, December 18 2013 09:40 AM
Subject : Thank you

My family and I just came back from 7D6N trip to Taiwan which is from 8/12/13-14/12/13. We would like to compliment and express our sincere thanks to our tour leader from Namho , Mr Samuel Tan. He is a kind , caring and very humorous tour leader. Although the travelling duration from one place to another on the bus in Taiwan were very long, but we never felt bored once. He always crack jokes and made us laugh all the way back , from the first day to the last day of the trip in Taiwan. He is more like our friend rather than a tour leader. Thank you Mr Samuel Tan for making the trip such an enjoyable one. We are glad to have you as our tour leader. :)

From : Goh Family
Sent : Friday, November 29 2013 12:00 AM
Subject : Very happy to have you as our tour leader

Ms Ma Yuan,


We want to show our sincere appreciation and thanks to our tour guide, Mr Richard Goh on our tour KR8W, departure date 22 Nov 2013. He is very patient with the whole tour group. When we were skiing, he took the effort to coach us the basics on an individual basis. Without such personalized coaching, the activity will be meaningless. In addition, he gave personal attention to every person in the group. When my mother fell sick, he took her to the pharmacy and when the pharmacy was unable to dispense with the medicine she needs, he stayed back after the end of the day's programmes to accompany her to the doctor and helped to translate betwwen the clinic/doctor and my mother. At every meal, he and our tour leader Ms Ma Yuan ensured we got enough food/dishes before they tucked into their own meals.


Mr Goh is an excellent guide. He gieves very detailed explanations and interesting stories about every destination in the itinerary. As a resulty, every place we went to came to life as we are able to relate to the history behind it. 


PLease keep up the good service and it will be a memorable tour for every customer if they have people life Mr Richard Goh and Ms Ma Yuan on every tour.




29 Nov 2013


From : Mrs Cathryn sim
Sent : Thursday, October 24 2013 09:16 AM
Subject : Booking of 8D7N Touch Taiwan Tour on 20-28 Dec 2013: Edwin Tan, Joyce Soo, Desmond n Kovan

I want to take this opportunity to compliment the following staff:- 1) Edwin tan-for his efficient and immediate replies to my enquiries regarding Taiwan trip for my family.He voluntarily gave me his preferred hp no to contact and his replies via emails n Smses have also been prompt. Even as we cannot make it to the main branch to make reservation and payment, he specially arranged for his colleague , Desmond to help in the booking at the Tampines Mall road show. He also proactively told me Citibank credit card promo so that we can redeem a New Yorker luggage bag! 2) Joyce has been helpful and she shared with my husband n myself the tour package that Singaporeans like ourselves would enjoy... Thus instead of I-Taiwan, we chose Touch taiwan trip, a less rush trip so that we can experience taiwan unhurriedly. 3) Desmond and Kovan helped to change our booking with a smily face and NO questions asked! I wanted to ensure the business to be under care of Edwin Tan n Kovan proudly said," We are all for one, one for all"! What an encouraging sign of teamwork! Certainly looking forward for this highly recommended trip to Taiwan come 20 Dec, specially led by Joyce Soo n her superb n dedicated team!

From : Jackson Tan
Sent : Thursday, September 19 2013 12:23 AM
Subject : Letter of appreciation

Dear Sir/Mdm,

My family just came back from the tour package to Hokkaido which ended on the 17th of September which was led by Joyce Soo.

We would like to state that we were really happy with the whole package as well as the great professional and efficient service by both Joyce and James.
James gave a good snapshot of Japanese lifestyle with the various stories he shared. 

In spite of the delay in our flight from Chitose to Haneda airport due to the typhoon, Joyce managed to arrange for all the necessary to ensure that we managed to catch the connecting flight which we are very grateful.

Due to the good service, when my family decide to plan our next visit oversea trip, we will be sure to contact Joyce.

Many thanks.

Jackson Tan

From : Ms Theresa Seah
Sent : Sunday, September 08 2013 06:03 PM
Subject : Great Service

Trip to Taiwan 22/12/2013 to 28/12/2013 We will like to send our deepest Appreciation to your staff Ms Amanda Chen. A very patient and experienced service, considered number 1 service we have encountered at Namho. She broke down carefully into all details patiently, advised us on weather, things to bring, buy, places to eat and best of all, arranged for us our required need of accommodation, all done with a smile. ;) We(5 pax) are SOOO looking forward to our departure day!! Namho is the RIGHT place to go for tour!! Best Regards, Seah Theresa

From : Ms Poh Shu Min
Sent : Sunday, July 28 2013 06:52 PM
Subject : Feedback on 8B/7N Touch Taiwan Trip

Dear Nam Ho Management, My mum and I would like to thank you for the wonderful great service provided throughout the whole trip (from booking till the end). We enjoyed a lot and this have been our most memorable trip ever. We travelled from 16/06/13-23/06/13. The events and sightseeing structured in this tour were just remarkable! They are events that we Singaporeans would never get to experience in here. Great tour! Accommodation scheduled were just splendid. We get to experience not just 5-star living, and also common resort stay. Here, we would also like to send our greatest appreciation to the kind and friendly service staff, who assisted us to book this tour, Ms Liu Yan Ping. Her kind attention towards us just makes us feels so pleasant. We also like to give our special thanks and appreciation to our Taiwan tour guide, Ms Li Ju Fen (a.k.a. Ju Hua). Her service was wonderful! She was so nice, caring, friendly and approachable towards us (18 people tour). She even treated us some food that was authentic in Taiwan. She's the best tour guide I've seen so far. Her warm-hearted personality touched me. Definitely in a trip, there will be some flaws. We were a little disappointed with the E-da themepark scheduled in the tour. When we were there, none of the rides could be taken due to insufficient of riders. Thus hopefully, I suggest if the next tour also has the same amount of people like us or less, this event may be reschedule to another that would not be a waste of time and money. Also, our Taiwan tour guide couldn't accompany us to the airport on our last day was a little disappointing. However since she had important family matters to handle, we understand. Overall, the trip was splendid! My mum and I were so pleasant. With your great service, it definitely was an unforgettable trip to us. Thank you! Yours Sincerely, Poh Shu Min

From : Annie Tay
Sent : Thursday, May 23 2013 05:15 PM
Subject : Compliment for Sale Staff Michelle

Dear Sir/Mdm,
We have booked Bangkok /Hua Hin Package Tour with Nam Ho Travel

Departure Date : 4/7/2013
Arrival Date     : 8/7/2013

We will like to send our deepest Appreciation to your staff Ms Michelle Wong
From the day we booked this tour we find her a very Kind,Polite and Responsible person
She really reply to all our requirement without fail.
Although we have not yet start our holiday but we all (11persons) still happy with her service
Hope this Package Tour at Bangkok/Hua Hin is a wonderful trip

Name : Tay Chiew Heong

From : Sylvia Lim
Sent : Thursday, May 09 2013 10:00 AM
Subject : Feedback 8D7N Touch Taiwan Trip

Dear NamHo management ,     

My family and I have enjoyed our recent 8D7N Touch Taiwan from 23/4 to 30/4/2013.      

I wish to express my sitncere thank to the kind, caring and friendly service provided by Taiwan tour leader Ms Li Ju Fen ( Ju Hua), she is a very friendly and experienced tour guide , she even treat us ( 9 person in tour ) a lot of yummy foods and bought gift to my little girl !! She is a very kindness tour guide I never meet before !

Also , great thanks to bus driver Mr You done a good job throughout the journey !     

Thanks to NamHo Travel to make us have a wonderful and memorable trip !


Best Regards,
Sylvia Lim