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From : Ho Han Hui
Sent : Tuesday, November 01 2011 10:51 AM
Subject : Appreciate note to Mr Cosmo Lim

Thank you very much to Cosmo for his excellent service on three separate tours such as booking in terms, checking in out the airport, going to the extra mile to secure an airline seat etc. He is efficient, courteous and prompt in executing his job. Nam Ho is a trusted brand.

From : Angela Tang
Sent : Friday, October 28 2011 09:17 AM
Subject : Your Feedback (Sending in using Feedback Form)

Dear Nam Ho Team,


My mum and I join the 8 Days 7 Nights Taiwan Unbeatable Fun (18 Oct - 25 Oct) and both of us enjoy our tour. We are really very impress with the foods and hotel that Nam Ho arrange.


The Singapore tour guide - Desmond Soh and Taiwan guide - Xiao Chen and really very friendly and always try to make us feel comfortable. I will recommend Nam Ho to my friends and relative whenever they want to join tour. My next tour will definitely book from Nam Ho again.

From : Yin Jek Foo
Sent : Saturday, October 15 2011 05:27 PM
Subject : Appreciation for good service

Dear Cosmo,


I am writing this letter in order to express my gratitude for the high quality service provided us with at your shop today afternoon.


I was visiting your shop today between 1 and 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  I was attended by Ms. Yan Ping and I want you to be proud of such an employee. Her customer service was amazing.

I was shock when she informed me that I cannot use a POSB master debit card to pay my balance holiday trip amount by installment. I have no account with other banks and I do not have sufficient fund to pay the full amount as well. Luckily, she was very helpful and willing to try to settle the problem for me.

I just received a call from Ms. Yan Ping and she informed me that Nam Ho will install the POSB merchant and I would be able to make the payment once the merchant is ready for use.
I appreciate this attitude and believe that you trained your staff very professionally.

Thank you and your professional staff one more time for the prompt and excellent service. All the best.


Foo Yin Jek

From : Wee Jitsun
Sent : Thursday, October 06 2011 08:25 PM
Subject : Thank you

To whom it may concern

I booked a free and easy trip to Taiwan from 23/9 to 27/9 for two from your company. The service I get from your staff is excellent. I like to thank the following persons who helped me in the booking and other service. They are Ms Catherine Shih, Kelly and Hellie Chua. I also like to express my thanks to your agent in Taipet, namely Polo Holidays. The transfers from Airport to Hotel and Vice Versa are prompt and courteous. Please thank them on my behalf. I tried to email them but rejected. You have picked the right agent.

I will certainly recommend your service to my friends in future should they required such service.

All the Best
Wee Jit Sun

From : Margaret Chua
Sent : Monday, July 25 2011 11:38 AM
Subject : Compliment

Dear Manager,


I write in to let you know that I really enjoy my holiday in Hokkaido on 20 July 2011 by Nam Ho Travel with good food and tour leader and guide. I specially want to thank you tour leader Hallie for her help during my holiday there.

I have a problem handphone and can't get it works however Hallie is there to assist me in getting across to my family in Singapore.


Throughout she also see to it that everyone of us is well with our food and lodging.


A very big Thanks to Hallie.

All the best to Nam Ho Travel


From : Jessie Sia
Sent : Sunday, July 24 2011 12:37 PM
Subject : Compliment

To: Nam Ho Travel Agent Pte Ltd,


I am Jessie, one of the members who had joined the 7 Days Hokkaido Trip from 16 July - 22 July.

I would like to show my gratitude for my tour guide named LiLi Utsugi. She is a kind and friendly tour guide with full of experience.


I would also like to thank our Tour Lead named Siew Hui had allowed me to have a wonderful trip.

From : Yu Ling
Sent : Saturday, July 23 2011 03:26 PM
Subject : Compliment



I joined the 7 Days Exciting Taiwan Experience Tour from 16 July to 22 July. It is a great trip to me, my mother and friend. This trip is not rush and it is very relax. Can experience the different in town and mountain stay. Can be highly recommend. The tour guide with us in this trip is nice, friendly and caring

From : Liang Jun Tan
Sent : Monday, July 04 2011 02:24 PM
Subject : Commendation for tour guide William Du of tour 06356 18/11 7 Days Exciting Taiwan

To Whom it may concern,


I would like to commend tour guide William Du Wei Lian for his excellen service. I was on the tour from 18 to 24 June 2011 called 7 Days Exciting Taiwan, and the tour guide assigned to us impressed us with his service attitude and willingness to go beyond his duty to help us. For example, after the offical tour ended on 24th June, my girlfriend and I extended our return date to travel free and easy. As we were lost as to what to do, he took us around the city and even treated us to a meal. His friendly and social demeanor put us at ease and allowed us to enjoy ourselves thoroughly


William is one of the best tour guides I have met in all my travels and I would like to express my satisfaction with his service


Best Regards
Mr Tan Liang Jun
Ms Chen Jun Qi

From : Chia Mun Loong
Sent : Friday, June 24 2011 01:09 PM
Subject : Hokkaido Tour

I just return my Hokkaido Tour a couple of days ago


I must say that the tour guide Gigi is fantastic. She makes the tour an enjoyable one for us. Well done!


Chia Mun Loong

From : Charlene Yeong
Sent : Sunday, June 19 2011 12:04 AM
Subject : Commendation for tour guide, Cliff



I am Charlene Yeong from Singapore and have joined the Nam Ho Tours to Hong Kong previously Would like to commend my tour guide, Mr Cliff who brought our group around Hong Kong from the 8th to 12th June.

My mum and I had a wonderful experience and although it was our first time here, Cliff made us felt comfortable and welcomed. He was very professional and knowledgable. Other than the fun we had in Hong Kong, we get to learn many cultural stuff through him. As he was worked as a guide for 28 years, he shared his knowledge about Hong Kong with us through out the trip with  less breaks for himself. This passion of wanting us all to benefit from the trip is really something I want to commend


Unlike other tour groups where we always felt packed and rushed, Cliff has planned and at times rearranged the itinerary to help us enjoy to the max and still feel relax at the same time. As our group has many elderlys but Cliff has always look out for them ensuring their safety especially in those crowded places like Disneyland or Ocean Park as well as getting on board or alighting bus or boats.


Im sure the rest of the tour group felt his care and concern too. My Mum, Ms Irene Tan and I would like to commend him oince again and thank him for this wonderful experience. Hope you would help us pass this email to him in recognition of his hard works all these years.

He really is an asset to your company! (:


Your Sincerely,
Charlene Yeong


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