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From : Charlene Yeong
Sent : Sunday, June 19 2011 12:04 AM
Subject : Commendation for tour guide, Cliff



I am Charlene Yeong from Singapore and have joined the Nam Ho Tours to Hong Kong previously Would like to commend my tour guide, Mr Cliff who brought our group around Hong Kong from the 8th to 12th June.

My mum and I had a wonderful experience and although it was our first time here, Cliff made us felt comfortable and welcomed. He was very professional and knowledgable. Other than the fun we had in Hong Kong, we get to learn many cultural stuff through him. As he was worked as a guide for 28 years, he shared his knowledge about Hong Kong with us through out the trip with  less breaks for himself. This passion of wanting us all to benefit from the trip is really something I want to commend


Unlike other tour groups where we always felt packed and rushed, Cliff has planned and at times rearranged the itinerary to help us enjoy to the max and still feel relax at the same time. As our group has many elderlys but Cliff has always look out for them ensuring their safety especially in those crowded places like Disneyland or Ocean Park as well as getting on board or alighting bus or boats.


Im sure the rest of the tour group felt his care and concern too. My Mum, Ms Irene Tan and I would like to commend him oince again and thank him for this wonderful experience. Hope you would help us pass this email to him in recognition of his hard works all these years.

He really is an asset to your company! (:


Your Sincerely,
Charlene Yeong

From : Wang Wei
Sent : Wednesday, June 15 2011 10:04 PM
Subject : Thank Mei Ling and Amy Zhao

My family attended the Taiwan 7D6N Tour from 06/06 - 12/06.


The guide, Meiling and Tour Leader, Amy Zhao are very good and professional.


Thank their efforts!

From : Doris Ng
Sent : Wednesday, June 15 2011 06:02 PM
Subject : Your Code 06203

Hi Cindy


This is the 1st time me and my family join tour group after 6 years. We have been arranging our own tour for the past 6 years


It was a very pleasure trip and we enjoy it. I must give great complement to our local tour leader, Miss Yan Ping, she was very caring and concerto all of us especially to the old folks (We have 2 old folks in our group including my mom).

I was very impressed on her which incident happened on our 4th day we returned from Lamma Island, it was very heavy rain, most of us didn't bring umbrella (cos we left it in the coach), so she asked those who brought with them to pass thru to the next building (where the bus parked), she followed them and then, she collected the umbrellas from them and walk back to the port to pass to the rest.


During our returned, Cathay sitting arrangment was in a mess! She took her initiative to help us to arrange family to be sitted together ( I think this is very challenging) again, cant pleased everyone but at least, she made an effort to arrange.


Thanks to her!

Best Regards
Doris Ng

From : Rehan
Sent : Sunday, June 05 2011 02:46 PM
Subject : 7D5N Hokkaido



We had a wonderful time in Hokkaido, thanks to Mr Loyd that translate to English for our understanding. He had also look into our request to have vegetarian/seafood meals and made arrangement for special meal for us in the plane international and domestic flight. Thanks to Yan Ling also for assisting us whenever we had any query. Finally we thank you and all others in your company that made the visit possible for us. I wish all of you good health and happiness. God Bless


Thank you and best regards
Rehan & Junita

From : Kee, Dorcas
Sent : Friday, May 06 2011 01:48 PM
Subject : Excellent Service from Ms Chan Wancheun



Hope you are well.


I just want o commend on Ms Chan for her incredible service, great attitude and superb efficiency!

I recently booked a tour to Hong Kong from Ms. Chan and right from the start of my query to payment to ticket issuance, she has been wonderfull every steps of the way. And you are aware, of course that repeat customers are the key ingredient to success in any line of business.


In all my 25 years of travel and liaising with travel companies, I have never come across a tour executive who excels in her job! Ms Chan takes pride in her work and she is friendly, helpful, patience and fast!

She even stayed back and waited for me for an hour when she was already off duty! And she was still enthusiastic and happy even though she was working OT! I have to say such a positive and good employee is hard to come by these days.


I sincerely hope you will acknowledge and give Ms Chan an offical commendation for her Excellency. As you know people are quick to complaint but never take time to compliment. Everyone needs a pat in the back for a job well done and I do strongly believe compliment is one of the best motivation in service line. She is an asset to NamHo travel and we can only hope there are more people like Ms. Chan!


Kepp up the good work, Ms Chan! You are simply awesome!

Best Regards

From : Lim Sen Ton Patrick
Sent : Monday, February 28 2011 11:29 AM
Subject : Your Feedback (Sending in using Feedback Form)

Dear Nam Ho Management,


My wife and myself have been very pleasantly served by your staff, Miss Apple, Miss Orange and Mdm Patsy Leong at the Natas Fair on Sunday Night. 27 February 2011 at about 9.00pm till 9.35pm, in wthich we are the last signing couple. The above staff have shown excellent product knowledge and excellent service provider. I am travelling with 2 senior citizen and one is wheelchair bound.


Staffs have taken down our request and is keen to help us with our travelling difficulties. They have promised to look into the hotel transfers, Thai International Airlines Service for the handicap and the old. Mdm Patsy Leong have given and shared her experiences and offer to look into my handicap needs.


Miss Apple had shown excellent counter service and patience. Miss Orange (Bangkok Girl) have even offered to rush to collect my Chartis gift set as it was near 9.40PM. She also looks into wheelchair bound accessibilities and recommendation. The above shows the various teamworl that comprises as a great team for the external Natas Event.


We are a regular customer of Nam Ho and my family look foward for excellence and promised task from your company again.


Your sincerely,
Lim Sen Ton Patrick

From : Gary Tan Ah Tee
Sent : Wednesday, February 09 2011 05:34 PM
Subject : Your Feedback (Sending in using Feedback Form)

Dear All,


I've joined many tours and always had good impression after experiencing the whole trips. During this Chinese New Year 2011, Ive particularly chosen Nam Ho Travel as the trips highlighted interest me and the programs included food & accommodation, allowing my family and I to enjoy every single moment. However, during the last day (07 February 2011), before my family and I were to proceed to Thai Airport (To check in luggages to send back to Singapore), I realised that my family's all 4  luggages were missing! I panicked and was shocked to think about all my important documents and souvenirs! Immediately, Tour Leader Steven and Tour Guide Santi showed concerns regarding our missing luggages. They are proactive and made endless contacts back to the hotel, hoping to expedite the issue and to bring back our luggages on time for us to check in and board the same flight. They realised that it was the hotel management's fauly, thus tried their best to overcome the hurdle of going back to retrieve the luggages, insisting that hotel staffs to send them to the airport.


On the other hand, Steven said he'll be responsible for in any case of delay that if the luggages were unable to check in with our flight. He said he'll stay back to wait for our belongings and assure that he'll send them back personally to our home address. Luckily in time, we've managed to get back our luggages within the shortest time.


I sincerely thank Steven and Santi for the way they handle the situation. No delays were caused and my family and I were relieved boarding the plane back to Singapore. We had an enjoyable trip and were satisfied with all the arrangements. I wish Nam Ho all the success and wishing everyone a great happy Chinese New Year 2011~


Best regards,
Mr Gary Tan Ah Tee & Family
Tour Code: NH 76 (5 Days Bangkok/Pattaya 03 Feburary 2011 - 07 February 2011)

From : Lay Hiang Neo
Sent : Monday, December 27 2010 02:01 PM
Subject : Feedback on Tour Guide, Joanne Wong

My family and I ( Total 18pax ) just came back from a 8D Korea + Jeju Ski Tour to South Korea , where Joanne is our guide from Singapore. We were with a group with other people ... total 40pax I have also provided feedback in an sealed envelope to Joanne .. however others also provided feedback in the envelope but forget to give Joanne .

We enjoyed our trip very much.

Inspite of the large group .. Joanne always strive her best to make the group comfortable .Food wise ... we provided feedback that we would like more meat instead of vegetables / noodles / beancurb hot pot ( 2 meals in a row )... and Joanne did her best to give us more meat dishes . We enjoyed the Korea Ginseng and thereafter the meat dishes ..

Hotel .. Being 18pax with 4 families, we want to be together also with our children Joanne also give us the best available . She also makes her personal rounds to check that the rooms are satisfactory ...


Attractions .. inspite of being locked out of the bus for an hour , we see Joanne standing in the cold / walking up and down to inform us ( sitting warmly inside the building ) , when the bus door could be opened . Inspite of large crowd in the lotte world , ski area , we can see that she is always around us , watching and taking care of us .

Surprise . . Joanne went out of her way ( do the extra mile ) , buying a birthday cake in the cold cold weather to celebrate my daughter's birthday which falls on Christmas day . We were all very touched and happy with the gesture and the thought .

Surrpise again .. Another birthday cake and a birthday present in the plane back home / special arranged by Joanne with SIA crew. This is a feedback from the 18pax of us ... We would certainly like Joanne to follow us again on our next tour with Nam Ho ..


Regards, Lay Hiang

From : Teo Beng Hock
Sent : Saturday, December 25 2010 01:53 PM
Subject : Letter of Compliment, Ms Kes Lim (Saen Sanuk Tour Co Ltd)

Hi Patsy


I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Ms Kes Lim from Saen Sanuk Tour Co Ltd. She has not only been a friendly and helpful tour guide during our trip in Bangkok (Travel Period: 14 dec - 18 Dec), but even extended beyond her own duties to show her care and concern for the tour members even though we are on a free and easy tour package

During this trip, one of the tour memeber has unfortunately sustained injury during the period and required hospitalization. upon hearing of this incident, Ms Kes Lim who did not shun away from this matter, had even took the trouble to pay a visit to the injured member at the hospital and consistently update us on his condition

On the day of our departure, we have intended to  book a taxi as the tour bus is too small for the injured member who needs to be on the wheelchair. Our friendly tour guide, Ms Kes Lim, then took the initiative to book a 10 seater van and made special arrangement with the airline (Thai Airways) to cater to this member's needs. The tour group was absoultely grateful and pleased by her actions.

We would therefore like to express our utmost gratitude to Ms Kes Lim and the agnecy for the things you guys have done to ensure our trip is trouble-free. We hope the management will show their appreciation (whether monetary or non-monetary terms) to Ms Kes Lim for being such a exemplary tour guide. Thank you


Best Regards
Teo Beng Hock

From : Stephanie Ng
Sent : Saturday, December 11 2010 02:48 PM
Subject : 6D PEARL RIVER DELTA CX710/715

To Whom It may Concern,


I am one of your customers that just came back last night from the above mentioned tour.


I am writing in to compliment our tour leader, Joyce. Although it is her firs time leading this kind of hectic itinerary, but she has proven herself to be a very responsible and helpful tour leader. She voluteered to look after my three kids in Macau when we visited the Casino and when we went for massage in Shenzhen, she helped to ensure that my additional bed is being delivered to the room and my kids are alright. Most of all, what touched and surprised me was that she actually prepared a gift for my hubby on his birthday which happened to fall on th e third day of the tour. It may not be a very expensive item, but it is her sincerity that counts. She is very patient with my three kids too, she took many pictures for them and offered to email us when she realised that our camera wasn't working.

The whole trip was really tiring and hectic and of course with some hiccups here and there, but im glad to be with a good tour leader. Kindly help me to forward this email to her and her HOD as I did not have a chance to thank her last night


Thank you for your attention

Warmest Regards,
Mrs Cheong Choong Kit & Family


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